The Ten best practices for Accounting firms working with Offshore Outsourcing firms.

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Outsourcing is not a new way of working, and outsourcing to Australian accounting firms is now approaching 20 years. Certainly a mature offering for those firms like Odyssey that were the first movers (the pioneers) in this space. However, it’s acknowledged that with demand far outstripping supply in this area, there has recently arisen “labour hire” firms, with low barriers … Read More

“Outsourced Offshore” versus “Labour hire Offshore” – Two different tribes

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There are a now dozens of new entrants into the Offshore “Labour hire” market, and the more mature “Labour hire” firms overseas are expanding their reach by re-badging or re-naming themselves as “Credible Outsourcing Experts”. Yes, many of these labour hire firms have the opportunity to push themselves into the market as “Credible offshore experts”, but if they aren’t taking … Read More