Navigating Change – why minds are stuck on old tracks

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I was thinking the other day about generational differences in approaches to navigating, and how we all achieve the same (compliance output) but approach it in many different ways. When I was younger (pre internet), I’d watch my dad drive using maps for longer distances, and street maps for local situations. Maps were studied diligently before the journey, with landmarks … Read More

Forecasting the future of Australian Compliance

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Nassim Taleb was credited with the black swan theory and indicated that the black swan event depends on the observer. So in respect of the turkey and the butcher, the outcome is the same, but the event is not a black swan event to the butcher. The object then is not to become the turkey. A turkey is fed for 1,000 … Read More

After the Compliance is gone… Empty nest syndrome for Accountants

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We talk to a lot of accountants, and their big fear of Automation, Cloud and Outsourcing is what will I do when the Compliance work is gone, or at least reduced so much that they have spare time on their hands. Recently the discussions have centred around the fact that the world post Compliance is really a greenfield opportunity, and … Read More