6 Good Reasons to outsource your Australian Compliance work to an expert

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8 Reasons why you should outsource

Outsourcing (and not offshore labour hire) can bring many benefits to your business. It’s critical that business owners remain alert and agile to ever present changing market conditions. Outsourcing now is a business norm, and yet there are still a few Australian accountants not yet fully into Outsourcing. With change an ever constant, especially not only as we’ve recently seen … Read More

Why Generational differences matter for Australian compliance preparers

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Generational approaches

Change continues to happen at a massive pace in the Australian accounting compliance industry, and in this current time we have interestingly several different generations participating in the preparation of the same sets of compliance work, but using vastly different tools and different skill sets. I was thinking the other day about an accountant that I’m in discussions with, who … Read More

Navigating Change – why minds are stuck on old tracks

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I was thinking the other day about generational differences in approaches to navigating, and how we all achieve the same (compliance output) but approach it in many different ways. When I was younger (pre internet), I’d watch my dad drive using maps for longer distances, and street maps for local situations. Maps were studied diligently before the journey, with landmarks … Read More

Millennials start to make their mark

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We thought we’d start off with a joke from the Edinburgh fringe festival this week, which appropriately is about change. “I’m not a fan of the new pound coin, but then again, I hate all change”. Certainly Australian accountants must be getting used to seeing change as a constant in the social media, newsletters, emails and various other media assaulting their … Read More

Self Driving cars will wipe out millions of jobs

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Several years ago Google mentioned it was going to create a self driving car. Fast forward to mid last year and Uber rolled out 100 self driving cars in Pittsburgh after only setting up their Advanced Technologies Center (ATC) a year and a half beforehand. So what are the major ramifications of driverless cars anyway? How life changing could it be? … Read More