Odyssey Outsourcing’s ‘ 2nd Top Gear’ special – 2012 motorbike tour – Northern Vietnam

David CarterEvent

Following on from the stellar success of our first annual motorbike tour of Vietnam, with a dozen or so accountants participating, we got back on the bikes and held our second tour.

With our group numbering 20 riders and an itinerary that would take us through the Hill-tribes & mountain regions of North East Vietnam , we set off from Hanoi on Monday 25th June. Over the course of the next 6 days, we traveled up through various, Vietnamese/Chinese border towns, riding past spectacular terraced rice paddies, across shallow rivers and over rickety bridges.

We traveled through the spectacular Ma Pi Leng pass (widely regarded as being the most stunning and spectacular pass in Vietnam) and down to Lung Cu, one of the poorest and least populated provinces of Vietnam characterised by extremely rugged, scenic mountains, populated by 22 ethnic minorities, including 2 of the rarest ethnic groups in the world, with populations of less than 400 each.

Similar to the previous year, a great time was had by all, friendships built and relationships strengthened once again.