The Ten best practices for Accounting firms working with Offshore Outsourcing firms.

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Outsourcing is not a new way of working, and outsourcing to Australian accounting firms is now approaching 20 years. Certainly a mature offering for those firms like Odyssey that were the first movers (the pioneers) in this space. However, it’s acknowledged that with demand far outstripping supply in this area, there has recently arisen “labour hire” firms, with low barriers … Read More

The 7 top challenges in auditing SMSF’s over the next decade

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SMSF auditors

With many recent developments in the SMSF area, it’s hard to take a step back and take a hard look at the future of the SMSF audit, and even the SMSF auditing profession as a whole. Certainly, there are some very close “in your face” issues that are at the forefront of SMSF auditors minds: Visits by the ATO, ASIC or … Read More

“Outsourced Offshore” versus “Labour hire Offshore” – Two different tribes

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There are a now dozens of new entrants into the Offshore “Labour hire” market, and the more mature “Labour hire” firms overseas are expanding their reach by re-badging or re-naming themselves as “Credible Outsourcing Experts”. Yes, many of these labour hire firms have the opportunity to push themselves into the market as “Credible offshore experts”, but if they aren’t taking … Read More

The top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing your Australian Accounting, Taxation and Bookkeeping Compliance to an Experienced Offshore provider

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Practice management series - 1

Outsourcing is not new. It derives from the economic principle of comparative advantage. CPA Australia released several great checklists back in October 2016, with lead author by Odyssey’s David Carter. The checklists in these series allow Australian accountants looking to use or provide outsourced services to cover many of the important aspects of outsourcing. This week we look at the … Read More

Australian Accounting Compliance workplace experience is needed to fight the rise of the machines!

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Rise of the machines

We live in a dramatically different world that is different because of globalization and technology.  Outsource your work to a quality company like Odyssey, and get on with adopting new technology. Your future, and your children’s future, depends on it! As we head into this New Wave of industrialization, there is a need to look at not only where the compliance … Read More

6 Good Reasons to outsource your Australian Compliance work to an expert

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8 Reasons why you should outsource

Outsourcing (and not offshore labour hire) can bring many benefits to your business. It’s critical that business owners remain alert and agile to ever present changing market conditions. Outsourcing now is a business norm, and yet there are still a few Australian accountants not yet fully into Outsourcing. With change an ever constant, especially not only as we’ve recently seen … Read More

The Fourth Wave of Industrialisation, and its impact on Australian compliance work.

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The fourth wave

If you managed to attend Xerocon at the Brisbane convention centre recently, you might have noticed some pink flamingos in a ball pit, and other interesting goings on. Certainly the new cloud providers are expanding traditional accountants mindset, and challenging the status quo of traditional compliance! So for some it might not seem unusual on Day 1 of Xerocon for … Read More