About Me

David Carter

I appreciate people who are willing to take risks

I volunteered for every Accounting assignment I could when I first started with a Big 8 firm. Was stuck in Sudan during the ‘89 revolution. Moved to Laos in ’93 to setup an accounting firm. Worked for several months “at risk” before given a contract. Went to Cuba in ‘98 to look at opening my own accounting firm on the hunch they’d open up Cuba one of these days.
I like people who show me what they have, before telling me what they want.

I appreciate ongoing learning and continued self improvement

This is closely linked with the point above. On the learning side, I’m a big fan of ongoing learning. I’m an Australian registered Tax Agent, Australian IPA, CPA & CA, an American CPA, and one of the few Westerners to hold a Vietnamese CPA. Having completed studies at the Universities of Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland, Also Finsia, TIA and many language schools. I’m also a qualified diamond grader.
I’ve climbed most of the big mountains in the world. I’ve been to minus 40 C. I’ve flown planes, gliders and pretty much anything that flies. I’ve driven APC’s, motorbikes and pretty much anything that moves. I’m SCUBA qualified. I’ve learnt that skills and preparation helps, but thinking quickly on your feet when the plan falls apart is critical to survival.

I appreciate community and the service of others

I grew up in Tasmania in a service oriented family. I spent many years in the scouting movement culminating in a Queens Scout award.
I continue to appreciate the opportunity that my position here allows me to assist people in this community that I know and call home. Respect for every individual is important to me.

I appreciate family and friends

These days, my travel buddies regularly include the most important members of my social circle: my children and my  wife, and my family and extended family. There is a strong family bond and a strong sense of community here that many older Australians would appreciate. Unexpected kindness appears when least expected. As the years roll on I appreciate the long standing friendships with blokes I knew back when we wore shorts at school, and key friends through my career in Accounting.